MySQL diffChangeLog converts VARCHAR(50) to VARCHAR(50 BYTE) and other oddities

We are using liquibase to generate change logs for MySQL database.

When creating a change log it seems to convert VARCHAR(50) to VARCHAR(50 BYTE), INT to INT(10) among other things.

VARCHAR(50 BYTE) is not even a valid MySQL syntax.

This is odd and is requiring manual rework each time a changeset is generated. This is the command we run. The issue happens with both 3.5.4 and 3.6.2, upgrade didn’t help:

liquibase --driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver '--url=jdbc:mysql://target' --username=*** --password=****** --diffTypes=tables,columns,indexes,views,foreignkeys,primarykeys,uniqueconstraints diffChangeLog '--referenceUrl=jdbc:mysql://reference' --referenceUsername=*** --referenceDriver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver --referencePassword=*********

What are we missing? Any command line settings?