Need a precondition/check to detect if a changeset is RE-executed?

I want to ensure that a certain changeset gets run any time some other changeset is run, whether the first time that other changeset has been run, or it’s a re-run due to runOnChange.   

Is there a way to do that?   I considered precondition and it doesn’t seem to fit this purpose, because I’m not trying to react to whether the change ever ran in the past.   I want to react to Liquibase determining that the changeset needed to be run THIS time, for whatever reason. 

Expressed in code:







I want changeset2 to run under these conditions:

a.   any time changeset2 is changed (obviously, this can be accomplished with runOnChange=“true” on changeset2)


b.  any time changeset1 is run, whether it’s a re-run due to runOnChange=“true”, or it’s being run for the first time.

Thanks in advance!

bump… really interested in this…