Need to use Java API

Hi,   I have this requirement.   I am currently using liquibase  to track schema changes across several DB instances.  We have a central metadata repository to where we want to log all these changes and maintain an audit trail.  Can I use the Liquibase API to query the liquibase DATABASECHANGELOG table,  parse the changelog file, get the individual changes and log them to my repository using JDBC?




Yes, the main  facade class is liquibase.Liquibase, but there are a couple other classes that would be helpful for you, including liquibase.database.Database which is the wrapper around your database implementation which has a getRanChangeSetList() that returns the chagneSets ran against your database and liquibase.changelog.ChangeLogParserFactory that will parse a changelog and give you an object representation of it.

You should be able to do whatever you using the existing java APIs. If you have questions, let me know.