Not supported Oracle types: NVARCHAR2, BINARY_DOUBLE, BINARY_FLOAT

Using liquibase-2.0-rc5 the method OracleTypeConverter.convertToDatabaseTypeString(Column, Database) which is implemented by class AbstractTypeConverter does not handle the following Oracle specific types:

Our workaround is a class derived from OracleTypeConverter which implements convertToDatabaseTypeString the following way:

    public String convertToDatabaseTypeString(Column referenceColumn,
            Database database) {
        String translatedTypeName = referenceColumn.getTypeName();
        if (“NVARCHAR2”.equals(translatedTypeName)) {
            translatedTypeName = translatedTypeName 
                + “(” + referenceColumn.getColumnSize() + “)”;
        } else if (“BINARY_FLOAT”.equals(translatedTypeName)
                || “BINARY_DOUBLE”.equals(translatedTypeName)) {
            // nothing to do
        } else {
            translatedTypeName = super.convertToDatabaseTypeString(
                    referenceColumn, database);
        return translatedTypeName;

Probably it would be better to handle these cases in the OracleTypeConverter itself.

it looks like a good change.  I added your class to the codebase.  Thanks