NUMERIC vs. NUMBER type conversion



I see that some work was done recently for handling NUMERIC vs NUMBER for some other databases…


I have upgraded to use v.2.0.2 of liquibase,

However generateChangelog is still using ‘NUMBER’ for Sybase instead of ‘NUMERIC’


CORE-843 mentions a possible workaround of creating a subclass for *TypeConverter in subpackage of liquibase.ext.

But I’m pretty new to liquibase so not sure how I might do that. 

Do I need to do it in source and recompile? 

or can I add something externally and have it picked up at runtime?


I see the converters in

liquibase/database/typeconversion/core but nothing for ‘liquibase.ext’ as mentioned above.





I created for NUMERIC conversion in Sybase


However I still have the question above on how/if something can be done externally.




To create an extension, you need to make a java class in a liquibase.ext package. There are no .ext classes in the main liquibase codebase because there are no extensions in there. See for more info on the extension system.

You don’t need the liquibase source to build an extension, just the liquibase jar in your classpath when creating your extension class.

I committed your change to 2.0.3. Sorry for missing it in 2.0.2, I don’t have a great sybase instance to test against