onFail attribute for preConditions only accept "HALT" and "WARN"

Addition: This only affects preConditions on changelog-level.
On changeset-level, CONTINUE works correctly.


I wanted to use the preConditions feature. Manual says there can be 4 values for onFail and onError attributes.
I get a SaxParserException which tells me that only “HALT” or “WARN” can be used.

Either it’s an error in Liquibase (using 2.0.4, but 2.0.5 has the same issue) or the manual is not correct.

Just reporting…


That is because CONTINUE only makes sense in the context of a changeSet. For changeLog level preconditions, you can really only warn or stop execution.

I’ll check the documentation, thanks for the pointer.



Well, it could have been possible to skip the changeLog with “continue” and either terminate the process (if it was the only changeLog/root level changeLog) or to continue if the changeLog in question has only been included from another changeLog with the directive.

Just a thought…