Point of registration for custom extensions


I'm currently evaluating LiquiBase to use for migrations in the area of a complex set of different Oracle instances with respect to separate versioning of sub schemes in those instances. I'm quite impressed of the functionality and extensibility of LiquiBase.

We do have various requirements, that will force us to implement own extensions on Database, liquibase.integration.commandline.Main. However this would be - apart of the required registration of our extensions - a duplication of code of the original implementation, which I'd rather avoid.

Even if my assumption turns out t be right and we need to do this custom Main class - at what part of the process would be the desired way of doing such a registration?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the slow reply.

The easiest way to check for extensions in additional packages is to create a MANIFEST.MF file in your jar file with a Liquibase-Package attribute listing the package(s) that should be scanned.