PostgreSQL timezone format

Hello, I’m using Liquibase last version 3.x and 

And then deleted the entire bd and liquidbase update…

The generated timestamps are with timezone!, again wrong. How is possible?


I need to work with liquibase with postgres timezones without timezones.

Is this a bug or is this something than never will change because there is a really good reason?.

Kind regars,


The problem comes from trying to handle data types in both database-specific and database-independent formats. I’m going to look at better ways of handling it with 3.2. I created to track the issue.

For now, you’ll have to fix the generated xml to “timestamp without timezone” and then it should work.

Or you could create an extension ( that overrides the TimestampType class to return “TIMESTAMP” instead of “TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE”

Nathan seems to be related to issue found in similar thread:
You can mark this relation in your JIRA if you like.

Thanks. I added the link in jira.


According to postgres documentation default for timestamp is wothout timezone NOT with

I’ve made a simple patch for this problem: 

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  3.          return super.toDatabaseDataType(database);
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