Preconditions and custom rollback


i have the same problem like in and so i decided to use a SQL statement to create the sequence instead of . I also added a custom rollback definition that uses a SQL statement to drop the sequence again. But now i have the problem that Liquibase tries to run the rollback even though the precondition for the changeset fails

                            create sequence gk_action_gk_id_seq                 drop sequence gk_action_gk_id_seq            

So i thought that Liquibase probably tries to run the rollback stuff because the changeset was was marked as run in the log. I am not sure whether that is the correct handling of this situation or whether the failed precondition should keep the rollback stuff from being run.

I also tried to use onFail=“CONTINUE” but now Liquibase tries to run the custom SQL even though the precondition fails.  ???

I am using the latest 2.0 RC2 snapshot

It should not run the rollback when the precondition fails.  I’ll look into it.


I added to track the issue