Problem running an update

I execute these two commands line

liquibase --outputFile=db1_snapshot.json snapshot --url=jdbc:postgresql://
liquibase diffChangeLog --url=jdbc:postgresql:// --referenceUrl=offline:postgresql?snapshot=db1_snapshot.json

It seems to work. but the generated script for updating the destination DB has only four rows when db2 is very different from db1 and if I run a compare with pgAdmin I can see all the differences… Since last week I have had my two DB on the same server and I have never had problems. I can access my two servers without problems…

Someone can help me on solving this problem. Thanks. Where is my error? Thanks

Hi @dubhe - welcome back!

So just to clarify:

You were using two databases on two different servers and never had problems with running the commands you listed. Did you try to update to have them both on the same server and are now experiencing issues? Can you include the generated script in your reply so we can look at what you get when you run those two commands?

I can’t put my two db on same server because the first is my master db while the second is a customer’s db. Normally on the first i read the current configuration of my db and then i update all other db with this configuration… I had two db on the same server whan i was delepoing my app, but now i need to work on different servers because i am not in developing…

Here is the generated script

– liquibase formatted sql

– changeset m.bosetti:1657978805612-1
COMMENT ON COLUMN public.doct.fine IS ‘Flag usato per fare eseguire alcuni triggers che vanno eseguiti solo quando la registrazione di una prima nota è effettivamente conclusa. Viene messo a 1 così il trigger parte ed alla fine rimette il valore a 0’;

– changeset m.bosetti:1657978805612-2
COMMENT ON COLUMN IS ‘Id record docp collegato alla scadenza. Non sempre è sufficiente collegare il documento, ma a volte, specie per incassi e pagamenti, all’‘interno di una stessa prima nota le singole righe di docp sono collegate a specifiche scadenze.’;

– changeset m.bosetti:1657978805612-3
COMMENT ON COLUMN public.tpag.mpfe IS ‘Modalità pagamento per fatturazione elettronica (MP12, …)’;

– changeset m.bosetti:1657978805612-4
COMMENT ON COLUMN public.docp.tiri IS ‘Tipo riga. Se valore diverso da zero, si tratta di riga non modificabile dall’‘utente. Il valore indica di che riga si tratta e perchè è stata generata automaticamente dal programma’;

pgAdmin compare results are:
2 functions different and 19 only in the source (new)
6 different sequences
17 different tables
5 different triggers and 14 only in the source (new)