Problem storing long pathes+filesnames in databasechangelog

We need to store that whole path so that it works with the same filename but with different paths.

If you are needing a longer length, you can simply modify the databasechangelog filename table directly or with a . You could also use the system to override how liquibase creates the changelog table in the first place, but that is a bit more work.

The reason we limit it is to provide a consistant length across database types, and some have restrictive key and/or row sizes.



I have been running into a problem when running the maven liquibase update goal for my project. I am using a master databaseChangeLog-file which references several other changeset-files. All of these are deeply buried in the directory hierarchy of my project’s workspace and even deeper in some resource directory.

So when Liquibase tries to insert the absolute filename of those changeset files into the filename-column of the databasechangelog-table, it fails because the column is restricted to 200 characters. This seems a fairly small column for me when it comes to directory pathes.

Is there any way to let Liquidity only use the filename alone? Or what is the right way to deal with it otherwise?