Problem using HSQL in Test profile

Note: I am new to Liquibase and HSQL.

The application uses Oracle and JPA. Through liquibase performing DDL and DML to initialize the environment. Everything works fine at the time of deployment.

The issue is only when I want to use in-memory HSQL in place of Oracle.

At first, I just changed the datasource to HSQL. The Liquibase script ran successfully from JPA Integration test failed when calling sequence nextval. From Stackoverflow I found that I should use Oracle Dialect like

'jdbc:hsqldb:mem:testdb;sql.syntax_ora=true ’

If I use this then the liquibase script fails for a DML that populates Date field from CSV.

The CSV has value in 'YYYY-MM-DD' format. When used with Oracle datasource, it uses to_date function and inserts correctly
but when used with HSQL Oracle dialect, this fails with invalid date format.

Need help in making this work with HSQL as well.

The SO Question I posted