Problem with adding data to a field of type json

Hello, everybody!

What if someone has information on the subject? Please, if you know, don’t be silent.
There is a file XXX.json, the data of which must be saved in the field field_with_json_type of the table YYY of the postgresql database.

Changset looks like this:

		<insert tableName="YYY">
			<column name="field_with_json_type" valueClobFile="XXX.json"/>

I get a mistake:
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: column “field_with_json_type” is of type json but expression is of type character varying

I can’t believe it is there no way to tell liquibase that the column data type is json?
Or do you want the content of the file to type ::json?

Hi @Barshay,

I recreated your setting and I am able to deploy the json file in the changeset successfully. Please take a look at the below working changeset.

<changeSet id="table1" author="amalik" labels="4.1.1">
     <createTable tableName="table1">
        <column name="field_with_json_type" type="text"/>

<changeSet id="forum1" author="aditi">
    <insert tableName="table1">	
        <column name="field_with_json_type" valueClobFile="schemaBackup.json"/>

Please, pay attantion, that in my case field “field_with_json_type” has strong json type, like this:
field_with_json_type json NULL

Finally, I solved my case through an intermediate table with a field of the type “text”.

Anyway, thank you!