Problems with generateChangeLog and oracle

I tried Liquibase 1.9.4 on our schema, here are my findings:

  1. Column CHAR(1) with DEFAULT ‘1’ was generated as '1 ’ which generated “value too large” error
  2. Strings with ’ in it generated errors because ’ was not masked
  3. FKs generated were wrong when there were two FK between the same tables
  4. Sequences were missing attributes: chachesize, minval, maxval, cycle
  5. Unique Indexes were generated as normal indexes
  6. Constraints that were non-validated became validated
  7. temporary tables became normal tables
  8. partitioned tables became normal tables
  9. tables were associated with other (default) tablespace
  10. check constraints other then not-null were missing

specially the problem with temporary and partitioned tables prevent us from using LiquiBase.

Regards, Ralph