Problems with hibernate and classpath

Hi everyone,

I am driving crazy with the execution of liquibase, it does not find the org/hibernate/cfg/Configuration. I write the command i use:

java -jar liquibase.jar --classpath=.\hibernate3.jar;.\derby.jar;.\derbyClient.jar --ChangeLogFile=changelog.xml --url=hibernate:hibernate.cfg.xml diffChangeLog --baseDriver=org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver --baseUrl=jdbc:derby:{myDB} --baseUsername=… --basePassword=…

I have tried setting the classpath in different ways: setting the windows system classpath and with the -classpath option after the java command, and it does not work

I have read that it could be because the org/hibernate/cfg/Configuration class references other classes which are not there, if that’s the case, how could I know which are those classes to include them?

I hope you can help.


try passing the --logLevel=FINEST flag.  That should give you a stacktrace which may help.


liquibase uses the AnnotationConfiguration which is not included in hibernate3.jar
make sure you also add the hibernate-annotations.jar to your cp