Problems with loadData

I’m trying to use to load up a CSV into my database.  No rows are being added to my table, and I can’t figure out why.   Running with logLevel=debug, I see this:

DEBUG 10/1/12 3:45 PM:liquibase: Reading ChangeSet: db-changelog.xml::1::jcrump::(Checksum: 3:a587c9a71db292dedc440ac8aa894f1e)

DEBUG 10/1/12 3:45 PM:liquibase: Data loaded from /Users/jcrump/dev/eco/1.0.0/ECO.ECO_SECTION_RULE_MAP.csv into ECO_SECTION_RULE_MAP

INFO 10/1/12 3:45 PM:liquibase: ChangeSet db-changelog.xml::1::jcrump ran successfully in 18ms

which is the right file, table and everything, yet it doesn’t appear to be actually doing any updates.

When I use the updateSQL command, I see it tries to update the changelog (which is does successfully) but it doesn’t actually 

–  *********************************************************************

–  Update Database Script

–  *********************************************************************

–  Change Log: db-changelog.xml

–  Ran at: 10/1/12 3:56 PM

–  Against: devuser1@

–  Liquibase version: 2.0.5

–  *********************************************************************

–  Lock Database

–  Changeset db-changelog.xml::1::jcrump::(Checksum: 3:a587c9a71db292dedc440ac8aa894f1e)

–  Add rule definitions.

INSERT INTO DATABASECHANGELOG (AUTHOR, COMMENTS, DATEEXECUTED, DESCRIPTION, EXECTYPE, FILENAME, ID, LIQUIBASE, MD5SUM, ORDEREXECUTED) VALUES (‘jcrump’, ‘Add rule definitions.’, NOW(), ‘Load Data’, ‘EXECUTED’, ‘db-changelog.xml’, ‘1’, ‘2.0.5’, ‘3:a587c9a71db292dedc440ac8aa894f1e’, 1);

–  Release Database Lock

INFO 10/1/12 3:56 PM:liquibase: Successfully released change log lock

“Add rule definitions” is the comment in my changeSet entry:





        Add rule definitions. 



            <column name=“RULE_ID”  header=“RULE_ID” type=“VARCHAR(36)” index=“1”/>



            <column name=“INSERT_BY” header=“INSERT_BY” type=“VARCHAR(32)”  index=“4” />




I know it’s finding the right file, and I know the types are right because I can use successfully with data copied right out of the CSV:



            <column name=“RULE_ID”  type=“VARCHAR(36)” value=“RULE1a”/>

            <column name=“RULE_NUM”  type=“INT” value=“1”/>

            <column name=“UPDATE_TIME”  type=“TIMESTAMP” value=“2012-07-17 19:25:52”/>





Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot this?  It’s extremely frustrating.



I have the same Problem.

Have you solved the problem Jeff ?

If you run with logLevel=DEBUG what output do you see? Also, what liquibase version are you on?