Production Deployment with liquibase

Hello Team,

We are generating liquibase formatted scripts which are getting deployed successfully on Lower Env like Dev,QA,UAT.

Similarly i need to do deployment in Production as well.

Steps I will be following

  1. Run UpdateSQL and FutureRollbackSQL commands
  2. above statement will give me actual RollOut and Rollback SQL files.
  3. Then Run the update command to actually deploy changes in production
  4. In case of rollback, We will hand over Rollback SQL files to DBA which will rollback the changes as per need basis.

Apart from above steps do i need to take care of any other steps just to avoid any issues in production DB deployment?
what precautions i need to follow before deploying through liquibase?


You can make a logical/physical backup for your DB (schema+data) before launching update command.

Example: For postgresql db , you can use pgbackrest tool or pg_dump command to make a backup of you DB before updating .

I hope this may help you :slight_smile:


+1 to @ahmedabdeljelil 's response.

We should have the backup of complete DB just in case something goes wrong in production due to human errors or anything else.

Adding a link to SO post, to help you with few Liquibase advantages in production environment and few other points mentioned in different answers on this post. Please have a look. Might help.

Rakhi Agrawal

Sorry for late reply on this…Thanks for your response @ahmedabdeljelil and @rakhi - I might need to get help DBA in backup process.