Query on updateSQL goal


Just wondering, if there is some way i can tell liquibase when using updateSQL goal, to NOT generate any file if no new changeset is there?

Any way i can do that? @MikeOlivas

Hi @Pooja There is not currently a way to not create the output if there is no new changeset. It would at least have to produce an out that says there are no new changes because a person would not know whether the command ran or not if no output was seen. This would be an enhancement request.

ok thanks @MikeOlivas
I had another question here, after executing updateSQL files, liquibase genrates the output files.
Is there a way.i can append author of changeset to the filename?

@Pooja yes you can write a parser that parses out the changesets and adds the author to the filename.
Liquibase is doing this out of the box by adding it to the DATABASECHANGELOG table on the database when you run update. Part of the value add to liquibase. If you want to do that same thing on your own, you are welcome to do it with your own parser.