Questions from a liquibase newbie

Hi to all, i made this post to clarify me about the use of liquibase.

Following the quickstart i’ve created a changeset (very dumb :slight_smile: )

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



I’ve created a clean schema and i’ve launched the migrate command.

Liquibase created the database, with the support tables databasechangelog and …lock.

Now how i can track the changes?? i’ve modified the changeset adding a new createTable element but when i try the command “update” liquibase tells me this

    Migration Failed: Validation Failed:     1 change sets check sum

so i don’t think to have understood the way to work with liquibase.

Someone may point me to the right direction??


For each new change you want to make, you create a new changeSet with a unique author/id combination. 

Liquibase throws the checksum error because it knows you ran the first id/author change already, but now the change contained in it has been modified and is now different than what was already ran.


Ok now i understand! I know it was a dumb question  ;D

Anyway very good work, i like liquibase!

No problem, it’s a common question.

Let us know if you run into any other troubles.