rc3 not fully in oss nexus repository

In nexus oss release repository (is this the right one?), the liquibase-core-jvm is missing - making it impossible to use the jars from maven.

It would be great if it is being deployed, or anyone can point me to another repository where all the jars are.

Also - documentation is missing as to on which repository the jars are deployed - After Nathans post in his blog announcing rc3, I searched them in the maven central and today (thanks google) I realized they are in the oss nexus repository:

Thanks, Ron

Thanks.  I saw that yesterday too and requested they sync my repository with the maven central one.  I am switching our publishing repository to nexus from a self-hosed one, and I had missed the “doesn’t sync until you tell us to” step.

It looks like I need to have the parent module published as well.  I’ll make an RC4 build today or tomorrow that should include that as well.


I did some reorganization of the maven modules from what there was before in 2.0 development.  You should just need the liquibase-core module now, there isn’t a liquibase-core-jvm module anymore.

The Maven plugin name has changed from liquibase-plugin to liquibase-maven-plugin