relativeToChangelogFile for loadData?

Hi Nathan, do you have any thoughts about adding something like relativeToChangelogFile to the loadData tasks?  I’m thinking about this because I have multiple databases controlled via Liquibase from a single directory structure, and I’m now writing a single Ant build.xml file to control them all.  The hierarchy is like this:

database_management/db1/master.xml # master changeLogFile
database_management/db1/versionX/changes.xml # included by master.xml
database_management/db1/versionX/changeLogFile1.xml # included by changes.xml
database_management/db2/master.xml # and so on

Since I’m running Ant from the top level directory, the loadData changeSets have to fully specify “db1/data/some.csv”, whereas when run from inside of the db1 directory I can say “data/some.csv”.  This is a relatively minor thing, just wondering if it would be a reasonable feature to support.


Update: seems like would also benefit from this.

I think it would be a good idea.  I created an issue to track it (, although it will probably not be implemented until 2.1. 


It’s been three years, any movement on this? The JIRA is a deadlink, so it’s hard to tell. 

When running from Maven CLI, it is a real pain to have to provide complete paths to these resources, while other resources files like sql files and config files can just be relatively defined.

Thanks, and keep rocking the progress with Liquibase.

The link is

It is currently scheduled to be added in 3.1 and I’m hoping to get it added. I’m hoping to have 3.1 out in the next couple weeks.