Release databasechangeloglock via liquibase api

I have a problem, that the lock in databasechangeloglock table was not release, so I got the error “Waiting for changelog lock…” when I try to start liquibase.
In other threads I found the solution to delete the entry in the database. This is not possible in my use case, because our customer may have a derby database or we have no access to the customer database.
Does an possibilty exist to release such an lock via the liquibase api?
Thanks a lot

If you have a reference to the liquibase.Liquibase object, there is a forceReleaseLocks() method on there. 

Will that work for you, or what API are you working with?


Would it be safe to call this method after an abort situation?

Yes, it should be safe anytime.


Thanks, this worked ok for stale locks.