Renaming table created in the same master changeLog

I have a master.xml which includes changelog1.xml and changelog2.xml.

changelog1.xml creates a table User.
changelog2.xml has a changeSet like this:

Now, from the log I see that changelog1 gets run fine. And then the changelog2 fails the precondition, saying User table doesn’t exist. Why?

As changelog1 is supposed to reflect the data in production now, I don’t want to change it but instead rename the table like I’ve done.

It seems this is a bug in preconditions. With other tables this precondition works fine, but this table is special, as User is a reserved keyword.

So the createTable is done like this:

(the name is surround first with single quotes and then double quotes).

But after this a precondintion with exactly the same tablename fails (it can not find the table):