[Resolved] Script executed but data not persisted

I am working on a database migration in which we migrate data from 1 table to 2 other tables. For this I use a PL/SQL script. A very simplified version of the script is visible below:

END;The problem is: liquibase runs the script but no data is persisted to the database, it looks as if the script doesn’t run. If I introduce a typo on purpose (change a table name for example) the script fails to run so it does actually execute the script. Also, when I run the SQL manually it works as expected so it seems that the problem is related to liquibase. 

Any clue of why this happens/how to solve this?

I insert test data through the Intellij Oracle Console. Apparently this Console by default runs everything in a transaction but doesn't commit it automatically. So what happened is that I inserted test data through Intellij, then run the script in liquibase (which didn't find any data because the transaction in Intellij wasn't committed) and then tried to see the result in Intellij. After manually comitting the test data transaction in Intellij everything worked fine.