Restricting --diffType="data" to specific tables

Is there any way to restrict diffType=“data” to specific tables when running generateChangeLog? We’re starting from mid-project with Liquibase and would like to generate a new change log and also dump some of our reference tables into the change log. Can this be done? It’s fine if these have to be done in separate steps and change logs.

Not at this point, unfortunately. I believe there is a feature request in for it that is probably in the 2.1 planning list.

Liquibase can reference csv files with the loadData changeSet, so you could use any other tool to output tables into CSV and add it to the changeset. Or do diffType=data and remove the data for the tables you don’t care about.


Has this feature been implemented yet?

There is now an --excludeObjects and --includeObjects flag which may allow you to do this.