runAlways="true" fails if the checksum changed?

I just ran an upgrade with 2.0 rc5, and a post upgrade process that should always run failed because the previous checksum was unknown.

I added runOnChange=“true” to get past the error. But should runAlways=“true” fail if the checksum doesn’t match?

You upgraded from 1.9 to 2.0 RC5?  or between 2.0 versions? 

We changed the checksum format from 1.9 to 2.0 that makes it hard to tell what changeSets have changes, although runAlways should still always run.  I’ll look into that.


I have been using 3.2.0 and had to add <validCheckSum>any</validCheckSum> to all of my runAlways=true change sets. Seems to me that a runAlways would imply the checksum may change over time.

Also, I find that these change sets are not “always run” when I execute an update. Instead, they seem to only be run when new change sets are introduced.

Finally, running status --verbose claims that my runAlways=true change sets have NOT been applied. This is out-right wrong and completely misleading.