Sequence value while inserting the data in table.

How do we handle the scenario when we have to insert the surrogate key generated from the sequence in to the table. Is there any possible way that sequence key can be input to one of the value in the column.

E.g: INSERT INTO label(label_id) values (SEQ_LABEL_ID.NEXTVAL)










You can use the attribute “valueComputed”

Working Example:


I have the same issue, but it doesn’t work for me that way.
If I try the solution above, I get a SQLException: "Missing IN- or OUT-Parameter on Index:: 1"

I’m using Liquibase 2.0.4 and Oracle 11g.

Beside that, this makes the insert-Tag pretty much oracle-dependend, which I’d prefer to avoid. I don’t want to have separate inserts for every database I have to support (the very reason I’m using Liquibase in the first place).

Is there a more database independent solution?