Server response

What happens to the server resonse to a refactoring?  For example, if I use the following insert on a Mysql DB it may generate a warning but still complete the insert.  How do I see that warning when I am using liquibase?


Response on old mailing from Paul Keeble:

This is a limitation of the technology involved, simply put JDBC does not allow access to the messages unless there is an error.

How about if I send a select query using the custom sql structure?  For example, what happens to the result set for:

select * from my_table

The output just disappears.  JDBC has different methods for doing updates vs. queries, and we just use the execute() method which returns the number of rows executed.  We don’t get any resultset back of data. 

Is there something you are wanting to do with the output of a select statement? Or just curious?


My interest in the contants of a result set is not mission critical.  I would like to see it for tracing purposes.  I have a liquibase changelog for a MySQL DB.  I set the following mode flags in the MySQL sesssing using:


I want to send off the following query just to verify that the flags were actually set:

select @@session.sql_mode

I logged a feature request for it: so it doesn’t get lost.

I don’t think we would want to output the results of all statements by default, but we could add a flag to or even make a custom tag that expects to do a query that returns output.


It would also be a good extension as well :slight_smile: (