Share your ideas for the 2022 Liquibase Roadmap

What is on your Liquibase wishlist?

How could we improve your Liquibase experience :question: What new features would you like to see :question: What problems do you want us to fix :question:

We will discuss the ideas at the February 10, 2022 Liquibase Community Meetup.

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I am going to just go ahead and add a few I have seen/heard about and please vote (HEART) if you agree

improved Spring (boot) integration


Improve developer tests (make it easier to contribute awesome code)


DATABASECHANGELOGLOG improvements (you know all those fun timezone, conflict, etc issues!)

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More/improved databases supported (such as… call them out!)

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explore integration with pulumi

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Per other conversations in the forum…offline documentation


Include the Liquibase XSDs for the given version of the Liquibase distribution in the distribution itself so they are available when Liquibase is used in an air-gapped / offline system. Example:


I’d love to have some kind of a noDuplicatedRows preCondition to make sure there are no duplicates in the table before executing addUniqueConstraint change, e.g.

<changeSet id="1" author="me">
	<preConditions onFail="MARK_RAN">
		<noDuplicatedRows tableName="foo" columnNames="bar1, bar2"/>
	<addUniqueConstraint tableName="foo" columnNames="bar1, bar2"/>
  1. If there is a way for getting the actual data diff. (The way we have schema diff)
  2. Documentation with more examples for a topic and more clear explanation.

Post or a banner on forum for every new release and a link to release notes, thereby explaining all issues fixed in the release.

  1. Social media posts to make aware of available and possible ways for contribution to Liquibase.
  2. Awareness for Liquibase university and available courses.
  3. Maybe arranging some small competitions or some challenges which results in people participation and engagement.

Hello, here are a few things I would like to see, in no particular order.
I know some of them already started.

  • Offer a TCK for Liquibase plugin authors
  • Allow plugins to define alias for change set elements (e.g. the “SQL” element is a bit awkward to use when working with non-relational databases) - EDIT: actually solved now!
  • Expose a way to run parameterized statements in the core APIs. The only option today is to do string interpolation with RawSqlStatement which completely circumvents the query cache (at least for Neo4j).

I also hope Liquibase Data will take off in 2022! Such a great project!

Hi @texpilot , thanks for the suggestion. The XSDs are located in the liquibase.jar file. If you unzip the jar file, you should see a directory called

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Thanks @Mikeolivas, I was not aware of that.

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@rakhi - this is a great idea. We’ve had people ask about this in the past. I’d like to hear a little more about your specific use-cases. Could you share that?

I definitely agree that a clear explanation and examples would be useful for this feature. Is there anything else you’d like to see - like troubleshooting, tips and tricks, videos etc?

Hey @ktaggart - this is interesting - what feature are you thinking about here? Is this about adding more tests, simplifying the ability to add tests, or something else?

Could you share the list of DATABASECHANGELOG improvements that you’re thinking about?