Slow after update to 2.0

I’ve just updated to Liquibase 2.0.2 from 1.9, and everything runs fine, but I’ve noticed two things:
1.  Everything runs a lot slower.  What used to take 3-4 seconds now takes 15, even when there is nothing to update.
2.  I get the message 'Reading from DATABASECHANGELOG’ twice.

I’m wondering if there is something I missed during installation (I simply dropped in the jar files and updated the schema), but since everything ran correctly, I’m a little confused.  I’ve tried searching the forums, the documentation and even some plugins, but can’t find what may be causing this slow behavior.  Is 2.0 simply slower than the old version was? 


I haven’t done a performance comparison between 1.9 and 2.0 for a while, but from what I remember I wasn’t seeing that much of a difference. Reading from the databasechangelog table is done twice currently and could be optimized, but shouldn’t be taking 15 seconds. How many rows are in your databasechangelog table?


Slightly over 600.  I just reverted to 1.9 and after doing a sync-update, the script takes 3 seconds.  Glad to hear at least that the dbchangelog is read twice now, and it’s not just me. 

Where would I go about finding where to fix this issue?  I tried installing the Logging/Log4J plugin, but ran into issues with it.
Thanks for responding.