Snapshot compare/diff with a schema not working as expected

Hi All,
I am newbie to the community and try to learn how LB works for Oracle.
when I compare snapshot with the same state of the schema I still see differences, LB says all of the objects are missing
Steps followed :

  1. Take Snapshot:
    liquibase --changeLogFile=ce-test-dev-changelog.sql --username= --password= --url=“jdbc:oracle:thin:@:1521:” --outputFile=test-dev-snapshot.json --snapshotFormat=json snapshot

  2. Compare to target: i.e. the same target in this case for testing purpose
    liquibase --url=offline:oracle:snapshot=test-dev-snapshot.json --referenceUrl=“jdbc:oracle:thin:@:1521:” --referenceUsername= --referencePassword= diff

Results are missing catalog and all objects.

Note: I am using Liquibase at 18:11:05 (version 4.20.0 #7837 built at 2023-03-07 16:25+0000)
Comparing the same schema with the snapshot taken from the same schema. NO changes have been made after the snapshot it taken Ideally the diff should say there isn’t any difference in the schema but here is says everything is missing.

What could I be missing ? Appreciate your suggestions