Spanner DB Update: command line: unexpected argument url

I am trying to run basic test of creating table in spanner db. I am always getting unexpected argument

liquibase update --changelog-file=changelog.yaml —-url=jdbc:cloudspanner:/projects/extreme-karma-360117/instances/test-spanner-id/databases/spanner-db --classpath=/usr/local/opt/liquibase/lib/liquibase-spanner-4.17.0-all.jar
Unexpected argument(s): —-url=jdbc:cloudspanner:/projects/extreme-karma-360117/instances/test-spanner-id/databases/spanner-db

For detailed help, try 'liquibase --help' or 'liquibase <command-name> --help'

I really appreciate if anyone can provide insight of what is causing it. Doesn’t matter I surround the values with quotes or use colon for value.

The example from google doc is of no help.

It looks like Google deprecated the use of some characters and that can cause this kind of error.

There’s also some documentation from Google that addresses this: