Spanner DB Update: command line: unexpected argument url

I am trying to run basic test of creating table in spanner db. I am always getting unexpected argument

liquibase update --changelog-file=changelog.yaml —-url=jdbc:cloudspanner:/projects/extreme-karma-360117/instances/test-spanner-id/databases/spanner-db --classpath=/usr/local/opt/liquibase/lib/liquibase-spanner-4.17.0-all.jar
Unexpected argument(s): —-url=jdbc:cloudspanner:/projects/extreme-karma-360117/instances/test-spanner-id/databases/spanner-db

For detailed help, try 'liquibase --help' or 'liquibase <command-name> --help'

I really appreciate if anyone can provide insight of what is causing it. Doesn’t matter I surround the values with quotes or use colon for value.

The example from google doc is of no help.