Springboot liquibase 'relation "databasechangeloglock" already exists' issue

I am deploying spring boot application on k8s cluster .
For that I am generated dynamic postgres credential from vault . With single replica the application is successfully deployed , but when I scale the replica to 2 , the second replica will execute with different dynamic postgres credential from vault and it tries to execute the liquibase again on the same DB, which is causing the ‘relation “databasechangeloglock” already exists’ in the replica pod .

Why is the second user executing liquibase again ?

let first user - v-kubernet-app-rol-vHwFwAzwPnUKotP9aeSP-1657284640
let second user - v-kubernet-app-rol-YPJkSfOSZCinYQWxwv8h-1657284714

in psql 
Schema |                              Name                               |   Type   |                                                    Access privileges                                                     | Column privileges | Policies 
public | databasechangelog                                               | table    | "java.jks-1657283026127"=arwd/"v-kubernet-app-rol-vHwFwAzwPnUKotP9aeSP-1657284640"+|                   | 
         |                                                                 |          | "v-kubernet-app-rol-vHwFwAzwPnUKotP9aeSP-1657284640"=arwdDxt/"v-kubernet-app-rol-vHwFwAzwPnUKotP9aeSP-1657284640"      |                   | 

 public | databasechangeloglock     | table    | "java.jks-1657283026127"=arwd/"v-kubernet-app-rol-vHwFwAzwPnUKotP9aeSP-1657284640"+|                   | 
         |                                                                 |          | "v-kubernet-app-rol-vHwFwAzwPnUKotP9aeSP-1657284640"=arwdDxt/"v-kubernet-app-rol-vHwFwAzwPnUKotP9aeSP-1657284640"      |                   |

**error Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: relation "databasechangeloglock" already exists**

Hello, @ramk - thanks for making your own post, and welcome to the Liquibase Community!

Looking into the scenario you’re describing, I found a couple of StackOverflow questions that might be related, but I’m not very familiar with Kubernetes or Spring Boot. I’ve sent your question to a few people who may be able to answer better, so I’ll update when I hear something, or one of them will comment here to follow up. Please let me know if this info helps resolve the lock issue for you.