SQL format is not supported for Functions and Triggers

Hi Liquibase Community,
I have planned to deploy the the DB changes using Liquibase. I could see in the Liquibase documentation that changelog file in SQL format is not supported for Functions and Triggers changes.

But I’m maintaining other DDL changes in the SQL format. It would be better if the SQL format supports for Function and Trigger changes also.

Is there any possibility to have these changes in the SQL format?

Appreciate it if you guys can shed some light on how I can achieve this

Thanks in advance!

Here I have attached the document I have referred: createProcedure | Liquibase Docs

You can execute any and all sql via the SQL format. The link you provided is for the “createProcedure” Liquibase change-type, not for the sql statement “CREATE PROCEDURE”. Change-types are only supported via XML, YAML, and JSON formats. The endDelimiter is critical when using a procedure langauage in Liquibase, since the default delimiter is the semicolon.

--liquibase formatted sql
--changeset author:id endDelimiter:/

Thanks for your response. I’ll try with this