SQL views being truncated in changelog

I’ve not had a chance yet to check jira but is there a restriction on the size of the DDL that defines a SQL view? I’ve noticed when generating a change log from the schema that any that are over about 4k get truncated.

What database are you using?  We usually read from the database’s info_schema or similar, perhaps they have data type limits in there that truncates the view and we need to modify how we read the definitions.


This seems to be due to the MS SQL implementation of information schema. The view_definition column is nvarchar(4000), so that’s the problem here.

No issue with DB2 9.7. IBM went with clob instead of nvarchar.

An alternative to info schema to pull in the complete definition would be
select name, object_definition(object_id)
from sys.objects
where type=‘v’


Thanks for the sys.objects SQL.  I changed the sqlserver query to use that instead for RC6.