sqlFile property replacement in 3.2.0?

Yesterday I updated to 3.2.0 and a previously functioning sqlFile change that relies on Liquibase to do property replacement has failed.  The error message that was returned displayed the property markers instead of the replacements.  These properties are defined in a constants changelog that is included before my release changelog in a parent changelog.  I recall reading that there was a regression on sqlFile property replacement prior to 3.1.1.  Has this occurred again?  Does this still work for you?


I’m sorry to be that guy.  Usually I go read the code myself, but I just don’t have time to do it today.

Debugging in, I see that at SqlFileChange:143, my ChangeLogParameters are null, so there’s nothing to do the property expansion with. 


Here’s the structure of my changelogs



      A property

      include constants.xml 

      include v1_2_3.xml

      include run_always.xml  


I switch back to 3.1.1 and everything works as expected.  I even mangled something to check for the false positive and the run_always that depends on a property in constants.xml fixed the mangled object.



Sorry for the slow response, but it has been fixed for 3.2.1. That release should hopefully be out today.