Strange behavior with Liquibase 2.0.2 and mssql views

I am seeing very strange behavior when trying to update my changelog files and when I include a view.

If I configure liquibase with a master change log file calling individual change log files for each of these actions:

NOTE:  I redacted the actual user name so it doesn't really show up as .

I thought this might be an issue with the createView tag or it’s precondition, so I decided to change the XML file to use the and tags, but I still get the same results.

The only way I can get the entire list of changelogs to work is to remove the ones which reference views.  

Any thoughts on possible work arounds for this?


I had thought the problem was related to the view creation itself so that is what I had changed to a sqlcheck.

This morning I tested the scenario of changing the preCondition on the creation of the Primary Key from  to and this did indeed resolve this problem.

For now, we will plan to use this workaround will get around the problem with the views.

The primaryKeyExists precondition currently does a full database snapshot in order to check for existence of primary keys, so the problem is probably in the logic of separating out column definitions on the view. Is there more of the stacktrace?

Using the sqlCheck precondition should have avoided that problem, however. What is the error messages when using that? (you can still use the same view definition as before, you don’t need to use )