Support Oracle 12c feature identity (autoincrement)


will there be support for Oracle’s new feature in defining an autoincrement column?

int generated as identity

I added to track the feature request. It shouldn’t be difficult to add.



maybe this article could help to find out, how the Oracle-metadata has to be retrieved to identify the colums that own the IDENTITY clause:

We intend to use liquibase in our project, but without the ability to handle IDENTITY-colums, it won’ t work at all.
What would be the right starting point to look for to start with an implementation? Maybe we’ ll find some ressources and build a first solution on our own.
We use Enterprise Architect to model our ERM and the generated output is a DDL-script. Based on that DDL-script, we could generate the necessary liquibase changesets. Doing it that way, we don’ t need to analyze a database - scheme, just generate appropriate SQL-Statements for Oracle based on the DDL.

Any kind of information would be accepted with pleasure.
Thx a lot


If liquibase doesn’t support a feature in the built in tags like , you can always fall back to the tag to specify exactly what you want. You lose some cross-database support and since liquibase doesn’t understand what is being ran you don’t get automatic rollback or dbdoc support.

If you are looking to try to add support, it may be as simple as updating to return “true” on Nathan