Syntax error because the Changelog and Lock table name is enclosed in double quotes with BigQuery

When running liquibase for big query I’m getting an issue when I try to change the default database changelog and lock table name, by specifying it in the file.

Liquibase is appending double quotes to the table names, so big query is throwing this error

 Caused by: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: [Simba][BigQueryJDBCDriver](100032) Error executing query job. Message: Syntax error: Unexpected string literal "testdataset.TEST_CHANGELOGLOCK...." at [1:14] [Failed SQL: (100032) CREATE TABLE "testdataset.TEST_CHANGELOGLOCK" (ID INT NOT NULL, LOCKED BOOLEAN NOT NULL, LOCKGRANTED datetime, LOCKEDBY STRING(255))]

But if I provide changelog and lock table names in the command line it works fine. file

url: jdbc:bigquery://;OAuthType=3;ProjectId=123456;DefaultDataset=testdataset;Location=global
classpath: /:lib/bigquery/liquibase-bigquery-4.17.0.jar
databaseChangeLogLockTableName: TEST_CHANGELOGLOCK
databaseChangeLogTableName: TEST_CHANGELOG

Is there a way to suppress the quotes in databasechangelog table names when specifying it in the properties file

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Hi there, @jballurr - It looks like this is due to using uppercase letters in your table names. Here’s more info:

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