Tag example for sql file

We use sql file to specify chnageset, i use below syntax for tags,but it is not saving satabasechangelog table and rollback through tag is never happending.iam using liquibase core -4.20.0 jar,pls suggets how i can add tags to changeset
– changeset your_author:changeset1
CREATE TABLE example_table1 (
name VARCHAR(255)
– tag::rollback-changeset1
– rollback SQL for changeset1
DROP TABLE example_table1;
– end::rollback-changeset1

As far as I know, tagging is not supported in sql format. You need to either user the “tagDatabase” change-type in xml, yaml, or json:

Or use the Liquibase “tag” command:

Thank you…I am using springLiquibase and latest liquibase-core 4.20.0 jar doesn’t support rollback via changesetId,any suggestions for this…
Also if I want to do rollback from cahngesetid,what is the liquibase command I need to run.Please help to give one example,so that I will follow.