Testcontainers YugabyteDB module

Hi, I recently found a liquibase-yugabytedb project and also saw large use of Testcontainers through Liquibase projects. Given liquibase-yugabytedb doesn’t have GitHub issues enabled I am sharing here that Testcontainers already provides a YugabyteDB module. which can be used along with Liquibase for testing.


Hi @eddumelendez Thanks for joining the community. And thanks for the pointer to testcontainers. As part of our test-harness, we typically use containers from docker hub. We can put it on our list to see how or if we could the link you provided.

Hi @MikeOlivas thanks for the quick reply. Indeed Testcontainers works with the Yugabyte image provided in Docker Hub and it has been used in Liquibase that way in order to have disposable containers managed by Testcontainers.