The ID and Runonhange getting concatenated in ID field also seeing nbsp

I am using SQL formatted changeset and using CLI 4.19.0.
The ID and Runonchange are getting concatenated in ID field also seeing nbsp(empty space character) in ID field.
There is a single space between id and runonchange, I tried using label attribute first had same issue.

The changeset is simply written like below :-1:

–changeset Author_Name:14.5__create__al*****…__Grp__table runOnChange:false failOnError:true labels:PCN*******

Yes This issue finally solved, It was happening because of nbsp invisible character between the attributes.
Basically, nbsp is not the same thing as blank space. In Notepad++ >>View>>show all characters you can see the difference between two, otherwise both looks like blank and Liquibase is expecting blank space between attributes not nbsp.