Track db manual changes without reference db?

I would like to achive the following workflow:
- developers have a local copy of production db
- developers change db manually during development
- when the changes are ready, developers should be able to produce easily a changelog and share it with everybody else.

I don’t understand whether the changelog can be produced with respect to the “original” db structure, without the need of keeping and maintaining such original reference db.

In other words, can I run liquibase to compare current db against the original creation statements + any successive changelogs?


I believe will solve this?

You aren’t able to compare a database against a changelog. A big reason is because people often use blocks and we don’t try to parse that to know what is really going on.

What I normally suggest is to just run your known changelog against a blank database to have a database that matches the changelog, then diff against that. It is an extra step vs. just diffing against the changelog but can usually be automated well.