Trouble with Development of Extension Points


I think I have a silly question, but anyway here we go: I’ve just started to give a shot in writing my own Extension Points for liquibase and everything was working out pretty fine. Then, when it was time for testing it, I’ve realised that I didn’t see anywhere how to integrate it to the liquibase-core. Below, I’m posting how I’ve tried to configure the pom.xml of the project in which I’m testing the extension:

… 21 more

Please, can you help me pointing out what am I missing??

I have found the solution by myself!

What was happening was that I was depending on version 2.0.3 of maven-core, which somewhere inside the code was swallowing an Exception that was being thrown by my Extension Point (and just after that, throwing another one).

I forgot to mention that on version 2.0.5 the exceptions were not being swallowed anymore.