Unable to just create a column changeset for Oracle DB using Liquibase


I am trying to compare two states of the same oracle database schema using the Liquibase 4.3.5 using the diffChangeLog command to get the differences and save it to an output file,
following the steps mentioned in Comparing Two States of the Same Database Schema | Liquibase.org blog
The rest of the differences are correct, but while trying to only add/alter a column to an existing table in Liquibase,i noticed that the alter table add column command is not created, instead I am getting the entire table creation sql syntax generated in the output file.

Expected output after diffChangeLog command after executing an alter column statement in source schema:
Alter table Employee add column Employee_Address (varchar2(100));

Getting :
Create table Employee (entire description of all columns already present in target DB along with Employee_Address column);

This is leading to my liquibase update command failing, as the Employee table already exists in my target schema.

Could anyone please help/guide me as to how this can be resolved.
Thanks in advance!!!.

Hi @skumar2912 ,

Please help me understand the issue.
Can you tell me what exact commands are you running?
What steps are you following in between to change the database? For example, are you manually applying the changes or are you creating changesets in the changelog files?

This issue seems to be related to the developer side. @NathanVoxland or @MikeOlivas do you guys have any input on this one?