Unable to set defaultValue to a pseudo-column

In my attempt to add a default value to a column of a pseudo-column ‘systimestamp’, I was successfull in utilizing:

Because the ‘defaultValueDate’, does not add quotes around the systimestamp, allowing the system to set it properly. However, when trying to utilize the pseudo-column ‘user’ in another column, I have been unsuccessful.

I realize the work around here, would just be to have an SQL block that adds my 3 audit columns, however, it would be nice if there was a way to use this. Using ‘user’ on a defaultValue (adds single quotes around it), and defaultValueDate - which realizes it isn’t a date.

Am I missing something I haven’t tried?

I’ve used defaultValueNumeric for things that I don’t want quotes before.  Can you use that?

I had thought the same as you, however, since ‘user’ is not a number, this does not work.

Caused by: java.text.ParseException: Unparseable number: “user”

However, I did find a solution. defaultValueDate, actually works for user. Because I got to thinking, it isn’t checking for the date format, otherwise systimestamp wouldn’t have worked either. So, as a result, user also works in this manner.