Update database schema without dropping all table and data existing in same schema


is there possible to update the existing schema without drop all table and data existing ?. and anyone have example jenkins pipeline for running liquibase update without drop all existing data.

Thank you.

This question is a little vague, but if there are existing objects in the schema you can add a precondition to your changesets to see if objects exist already, which will prevent DBMS “object already exists” errors.

if in the schema already have 3 table which I create without liquibase and I want to create 1 new table with liquibase, how to update the schema and create new table without drop 3 existing table ? I’ve tried liquibase update basic command but it always drop the 3 existing table.

Liquibase will not drop a table unless you are coding “DROP” into your changelogs, so I’m not following your issue.

You would just put your new CREATE TABLE into a changelog and run a liquibase update command. Liquibase will not affect any existing objects in your database.