Update in databasechangelog is not picked up in the same run

I am refactoring our liquibase xml files and am trying to avoid problems down the road. As we are using unique ids, but don’t care in which file the changeset is kept, I’m now using the logicalFilePath to set all filepaths to one and the same value. Our original approach lacked this, so I need to update the current databasechangelog to set the filepaths to this one value and avoid changesets that are already applied from running again.
I did this update to the databasechangelog table in a changeset sql tag, but it seems that after running the first time, the paths are updated, but Liquibase did not notice the update. A second run will pass however. I assume that Liquibase reads the databasechangelog table and caches it? Is there any way to let Liquibase now that it should flush that cache and reread the table?



Can we see your database changelog file? Is it as simple as moving your used changelogs to a new, empty directory?