updateTask ignores defaultSchemaName with sqlFile

Liquibase is not able to do any sql parsing in order to add in a default schema. If you used the tag instead of sqlFile it would generate SQL in a different schema but it cannot figure out how to modify sql itself.

Are you able to change the default schema at the connection level through jdbc url parameters?


I am not sure what you mean by “If you used the tag instead of sqlFile …”, but it is not necessary for me to have the sql itself modified as long as I can use a different schema. And as I said, it does not even use the ‘Administrator’ schema, which is always present, or tries to input data without a schema. But a different schema, one which I created myself, is selected. Therefore LB must somehow select a schema only I do not know how.

As for your question, how do I change the default schema at at the connection level?

Please ignore my statement about LB selecting a schema. It was my mistake because of a confusing error message. LB does not select schema.


as the topic states during my ant update with updateTask the defaultSchemaName parameter is ignored. I am using LB 3.0.5 and it tries a different schema but obviously the designated table is not there and a databaseException is thrown.
The sqlFile has no mention of a schema just “insert into table (…)”.

I had hoped that the defaultSchemaName parameter would automatically be used as schema. Instead a different schema (and not the administrator schema) is used. BTW: the databasechangelog is also in the defaultSchema.

Is it really necessary for me to alter the sqlFile by hand?
It was created automatically by another program. I tried altering it into “insert into schema.table (…)”, which works fine but is not what I had in mind.