ups... upgraded to 2.0 ;-) what is with my old changesets

Your databasechangelog table and the checksums should have been updated automatically the first time you ran liquibase 2.0. If you are running liquibase directly, you could try Liquibase.checkDatabaseChangeLogTable ().

Otherwise, setting your checksums to null should force a re-evaluation of them as well.



i am kind of a long time liquibase user using it for years. Now i upgraded to latest 2.x and noticed that changelog checksums changed (and of course 2 new fields in DBCHANGELOG which i added manually in all customer databases). Now i am getting checksum problems on login (on login i do all the stuff that you can also do via ANT script but i use java with liqBase.update("", writer);). Then i read the blog where it was written:


What does that mean for me now? There wasnt anything like automatic upgrade on the checksums or anything like that. Do i really need to empty the table and regenerate all the changesets via ANT and insert those?

Thanks for any feedback.